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Our Work

We love working with clients to help tell their stories and to reach their customers at the right place at the right time. Here are just a few samples of our services and projects we've done for our clients.


Anchor Inn Resort

The client had an existing website but it didn't provide a great user experience and it didn't really do a good job of telling their story, but they didn't have the budget for a complete redesign.


We did a brand photoshoot, completely redesigned and simplified the homepage, and refreshed the other pages with consistent headings and fonts, updated brand photography, and updated layouts. This gave them a cleaner end product that really showcases their hotel and what guests can expect during their stay, all without breaking the bank.


Maverick Hotel

The client is located across the street from a large university and event venue. We used geofencing to promote a discounted hotel rate to targeted individuals in a certain age range at the event venue and at the university, and then retargeted them when they returned home to stay at the hotel the next time they're in town.

This allowed us to target parents of students, as well as people attending events, who are likely to return for other events, like season ticket holders.


Mimosa Studios

We've worked with Mimosa Studios for over 6 years, managing their Facebook and Instagram pages. We are managing the accounts, providing product photography, content creation, engagement tactics, and analytics. We work with the client to ensure that the social media content is telling the brand story and encouraging visits and sales.

During the pandemic, we helped them build an  online store and promote a new product offering, To Go Painting Kits, which allowed them to continue to do business and grow sales during a time when many businesses were not able to remain open.


Various Clients

We provide a unique approach to branding and logo creation, using client input and innovative designs while keeping practical applications and usage in mind.


Various Clients

We have a great deal of design and production experience, including large scale graphics for retail executions, direct mail, vehicle wraps, and signage.

We partner with local vendors to design and produce high quality pieces that meet our high standards while staying within our clients budgets.


David Ligatich for School Board

We provided comprehensive management services for a school board member, including (but not limited to) :

  • Website design

  • Logo creation

  • Digital ad design and placement

  • Social media management

  • Bill board and newspaper design and placement

  • Direct mail design and production

  • Yard and field sign design and production

  • Earned media and PR

  • Fundraising

  • Grassroots

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